Ultramid 66/6 copolymer
Flame retardant nylon 66/6 has similar properties to general purpose 6/6 nylon with flame retardant
additives for UL94V0 rating. Flame retardant nylon 66/6 is opaque off white in color.
Fasteners - Printed Circuit Board Hardware - Washers -Spacers - Insulators - Electronic Components -
Strain Reliefs - Cable Clamps - Wiring Clips.
Approvals Underwriters Laboratory UL File E41871
Physical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Density 1.16 g/cm ASTM D792
Mold Shrink, Longitudinal, dry 0.008 in/in ASTM D955
Moisture Absorption, 73F/50%RH 2.6% ASTM D570
Mechanical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Tensile Strength @ Yield, dry 11,600psi ASTM D638
Tensile Strength @ Yield, Moist 6,500psi ASTM D638
Tensilel Modulus, dry 520,000psi ASTM D638
Tensilel Modulus, moist 290,000psi ASTM D638
Viscosity Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Viscosity Number, Sulfuric Acid 155 cm/g ISO 307
Thermal Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 66psi, dry 435F ASTM D648
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 264psi, dry 195F ASTM D648
Temperature Index @ 50% loss in tensile strength
After 20,000 hours (IEC 216-1)
Melt Temperature Range 500F - 535F
Electrical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Surface Resistivity, dry 1012 Ohm ASTM D257
Surface Resistivity, moist 1010 Ohm ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity, dry 1015 Ohm-cm ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity, moist 1011 Ohm-cm ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant (1.0 Mhz), dry 3.6 ASTM D150
Dielectric Constant (1.0 Mhz), moist 6.0 ASTM D150
RTI Electrical @ 0.016 inches 230F UL Std 746 B
RTI Mechanical with Impact @ 0.016 inches 149F UL Std 746 B
Comparative Tracking Index, dry and moist CTI 600 ASTM D3638
Ignition Characteristics Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Flame Rating - UL UL 94
          (0.016 in) V-0
Limiting Oxygen Index 34% ASTM D2863