Ticona Celanese/ Celanex 30% Glass-Fiber Reinforced Flame Retardant Polyester -3310-2
PBT polyesters are semi-crystalline. They are versatile materials with a good balance of mechanical and electrical properties. They have excellent electrical properties and are abrasion resistant. Dimensional stability is significantly better than nylon, especially in humid environments. PBT performs much like nylon but can handle higher temperatures and does not absorb moisture. PBT has excellent impact strength but is very notch sensitive.
Automotive, appliance, electrical, and electronics.
Physical Units Test Method Data
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.66
Water Absorption @ 24 Hour Immersion % ASTM D570 0.07
Water Absorption @ Equilibrium % ASTM D570 0.25
Mold Shrinkage, Flow Direction, 1/8 in thick in/in x 10-3 3-5
Mechanical @ 73F Units Test Method Data
Tensile Strength @ Break psi ASTM D638 19,500
Tensile Modulus 106 psi ASTM D638 1.7
Elongation @ Break % ASTM D638 1.5
Flexural Strength psi ASTM D790 28,000
Flexural Modulus 106 psi ASTM D790 1.5
Compressive Strength psi ASTM D695 18,000
Shear Strength psi ASTM D732 8,900
Izod Impact Strength, Notched ft-lb/in ASTM D256 1.3
Izod Impact Strength, Unnotched ft-lb/in ASTM D256 4
Tensile Impact Strength ft-lb/in2 ASTM D1822 48
Taber Abrasion mg/1000 cycles ASTM D1044 40
Rockwell Hardness M Scale ASTM D785 90
Coefficient of Friction Against Metals, Dynamic 0.10-0.13
Thermal Units Test Method Data
Heat Deflection Temperature (66 psi) F ASTM D648 442
Heat Deflection Temperature (264 psi) F ASTM D648 406
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 32F-284F in/in/F x 10-5 ASTM D696 0.8
Deformation Under Load @ 122F, 24 Hours, 2,000psi % ASTM D621 0.3
Deformation Under Load @ 122F, 24 Hours, 4,000psi % ASTM D621 0.4
Electrical Units Test Method Data
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm ASTM D257 5 x 1015
Dielectric Strength volt/mil ASTM D149
     1/8 in Thickness, 73F, 50% RH 490
     1/8 in Thickness, 73F, 90% RH 460
     1/8 in Thickness, 73F, 6 Weeks in 73F Water 450
     1/8 in Thickness, 150F, 50% RH 470
     1/8 in Thickness, 250F, 50% RH 460
Dielectric Constant, 100 Hz ASTM D150 3.9
Dissipation Factor, 100 Hz ASTM D150 0.006
Rating or Property (Underwriters Laboratories Ratings) Units Test Method Data
Temperature Indices
     Electrical C 140
     Mechanical w/Impact C 130
     Mechanical w/o Impact C 140
Arc Resistance seconds 123
Comparitive Tracking Index volts 280
Hot Wire Ignition seconds 73
High Amp Arc Ignition arcs 200 +
High Voltage Track Rate in/min 8.2
Flammability @ 1/32" UL 94 V-0
UL 94-5V, Min. Thickness , In. 0.058