Polycarbonate Hex Nuts:

Drawing 1: pchexnutdw.jpg

Polycarbonate is one of the toughest, most dimensionally stable thermoplastics over a wide temperature range.  It has exceptionally high impact strength and is unaffected by water below 140 Deg. F.  Polycarbonate is unaffected by greases, oils, detergents, aliphatic hydrocarbons, most mineral acids, and the higher alcohols.  It is attacked by chlorinated hydrocarbons and most aromatic solvents, ester, and ketone.  Polycarbonate has white water transparency with 90 Deg. light transmission.  Melting point 309 Deg. F per ASTM D 789.  Underwriters lab rating UL94V2.

Item Number Description F H
0400440HNPC 4-40 Hex Nut - Polycarbonate 0.25 0.1
0400632HNPC 6-32 Hex Nut - Polycarbonate 0.305 0.12
0400832HNPC 8-32 Hex Nut - Polycarbonate 0.335 0.13
0401032HNPC 10-32 Hex Nut - Polycarbonate 0.365 0.135