Snap Tacks:

Part Photo: TackFastDemo.gif

Drawing 1: SnapTacks.gif

Two-piece snap tack consists of a male acetal tack and a female nylon button retainer. The tack has a sharp point for piercing soft materials that will not require a pre-punched hole. Easily assembled by pushing the tack through the front of the soft material and pushing the retainer to the second detent - no tools required. After assembly simply break off the pointed end and the remaining end is shielded by the retainer.

CAUTION the point is very sharp and can pierce your skin.

Can be used as an emergency button - no sewing expertise, thread, or needle required. 

Item Number Description
27STF375 3/8" Female Button
27STM430062 1/16" Male Tack
27STM430125 1/8" Male Tack
27STMB430188 3/16" Button Male Tack