Threaded Rod:

Part Photo: thdrod.jpg

Drawing 1: rodindx.gif

This versatile threaded rod stock is easily cut to size, resistant to most chemicals, electrically insulating, non-magnetic, lightweight, low thermal conductivity, vibration, and abrasion resistant. Stock length is 2 feet. Longer lengths up to 8 feet are available on special order. We can furnish cut to your length with a nominal cutting charge. Other plastic materials can be furnished on special order. Request quote.

Item Number Description
3800440TR 4-40
3800632TR 6-32
3800832TR 8-32
3801024TR 10-24
3801032TR 10-32
3810008TR 1-8
3825020TR 1/4-20
3831218TR 5/16-18
3837516TR 3/8-16
3850013TR 1/2-13
3862511TR 5/8-11
3875010TR 3/4-10
3887509TR 7/8-9