Three Legged Square Head Nylon Grommet Nuts:

Drawing 1: 3legdw.jpg

Open Poly Grommet Nuts provide a low cost, positive connection of thin gauge materials while they eliminate cross threading. The specially designed locks snap into a pre-punched hole. As the self-threading sheet metal screw is tightened, the Poly Grommet expands and securely locks the screw and assembled parts in place. The Grommet will provide a corrosion and vibration resistant connection and can be used to insulate areas of an assembly from electrical and thermal transfer. Some of the more common sizes that we have initially tooled are shown below. Because of our unique tooling approach, we can vary this design over a wide range. Request the size you need. Poly Grommets are molded in Nylon 6/6 and can be dyed or molded in various colors. Different plastic materials can be substituted. Naturally, changes in our standard product will involve additional costs. Let us know what you need.

Item Number Hole Size Thickness Range Screw Head Size "B" Height "A" Length "C" (+/-.015)
60SGN03300 .300 / .300 .031 / .135 6 .485 0.055 0.265