Vent Plugs:

Drawing 1: ventplg.gif

Economical snap-in Poly-Plugs will close unneeded chassis holes, wiring outlets, fill unused accessory openings, cover inspection, and production access holes. They can be used as tube end caps and protective bumpers.

Poly Plugs are molded in Nylon 6/6 which is abrasion and vibration resistant making them ideal for drawer glides and small appliance feet. Poly Plugs are designed with special flexible and tapered prongs which snugly lock in place with finger pressure but can be removed and reused when necessary. Parts can be furnished in natural nylon or dyed in colors. Poly Plugs are available in smooth, gloss finish or in dull, matte finish. 

Item Number Head Style Finish Panel Thickness B Hole Size A Head Size D Head Height H (+/-.010)
62VP087BM11 Binder Matte .031 / .109 0.875 1.078 0.062
62VP100BM11 Binder Matte .031 / .109 1 1.219 0.062